SPRING 2018 | Kayla Lunde – Documentary + Lifestyle Photography |Chicago + West Suburbs

Spring has sprung and I can hardly believe it! I thought I was going to get so much done this winter… Hmm. Guess it will have to wait! We are eager to get outside but are definitely struggling a bit with our transition from indoor hibernation to our mainly outdoor daily lifestyle. I’m trying to ease us into it as much as possible but transitions are hard on kids (and all of us really) no matter how you go about it. I feel that these in between seasons in the Midwest are particularly difficult because one day we may be outside in jackets playing for hours, and the next day it may be snowing or too windy or cold to be out much. The kids never know what to expect from their day and that can be extremely challenging and frustrating for them, especially since they depend on that consistency and predictability in their day until they are able to comprehend time as well as days, months, and seasons. I try to do as much prep work as I can in the weeks leading up to a big seasonal change, and I do notice that it takes the edge off, but it’s still a struggle. One way I prepped with the boys this year is by talking a lot about the upcoming Spring Equinox. We make sure to celebrate each seasonal change because it is one way which helps kids with the processing component that a transition is about to happen. We also feel that the start of each new season is exciting and something to be grateful for, and thus worth celebrating! This year we celebrated the beginning of Spring by painting pots and planting zinnias. The boys have been asking to make a fairy garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds so this is our first step in the process. The boys really dove into this project and had a wonderful time personalizing their pots (so they can tell them apart) and planting their seeds. They have been caring for them tediously all week and today we notice that two of the pots have sprouted! I am REALLY hoping that third one does too but I already told that little plant daddy that if it doesn’t we will replant some new ones and try again. Keep your fingers crossed for him okay!? Here’s a little glimpse at our activity.

Kayla Lunde Chicago Documentary Lifestyle

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